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    “When I think of Kathleen and King Studio, the first word I think of  is integrity!  Having been involved in college and professional basketball for over 40 years,  I have seen the best and worst of athletic training and rehabilitation work with below, average and above average people.  Kathleen knows her profession and continues to study all facets of it.  I work out at the studio at least three times a week and so am in a position to observe how it operates.”


     “She has hired good people to support her in the other phases of her operation as it continues to grow.  Integrity  is the word!”


Tom Nissalke - Former Utah Jazz Head Coach, NBA Coach of the Year and currently is an analyst on 1320 KFAN radio home of the Utah Jazz


Postural Correction

      I am a 52 year old male who started working with Kathleen about 3 years ago after seeing the results my wife had working with Kathleen. I have been an avid skier and cyclist for most of my life and considered myself to be in good shape but had been experiencing injuries with increasing frequency. Most people would chalk up the injuries to increasing age but Kathleen noted that although I had some muscles that were well developed, most of the supporting muscles were not.  We embarked on a program that focused on cardio, strength and flexibility that not only reduced the injury experience but also greatly increased my overall performance. Around the time we started, I also began learning how to race sports cars on a road racing track. I quickly found out that auto racing is hands down the most physically and mentally demanding thing I had ever done. In the beginning, I could hardly move my arms, shoulders and head after a day of driving. Kathleen tailored a workout specifically to the demands driving would place on me and the results have been most satisfying. We now compete and often win in sprint and endurance races and there is no way I would have the strength and focus necessary without Kathleen’s guidance. Her skills go beyond training and include motivation, nutrition, and injury rehabilitation. Her studio is the best around; check it out, it speaks for itself. The whole experience is the exact opposite of “the gym”. Instead of a crowded facility with “trainers” trying to fit you into their program, at King Studio you get the individual attention and a comprehensive fitness program focused on your needs. When you see the genuine commitment that Kathleen has to your personal development, coupled with the progressive results you experience, you’ll find you are at the right place for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



                                                                                Al Tiley - President Companion Systems

Kathleen is the best trainer I have ever had.  I have worked with quite a few different trainers and by far, Kathleen is the most comprehensive and caring trainer I have ever had.  She helped me train for 100 mile bike races and the difference was astounding.  She has also helped me lose the extra weight I wanted to lose.  She makes workouts fun while exercising.         

                                             Lynette Tucker

     We have been training with Kathleen for years now.   My husband has lost 30 lbs and continues to get stronger and maintain his weight loss and I get to keep my great shape and feel great with my workouts.  Our lives have greatly improved with exercise in our lives and we couldn’t have done it without Kathleen’s expert help and nutritional advice.   Leslie and Lee Teerlink